"Michelle is an intelligent, compassionate, and fully compitent coach.  She was great at hearing my concerns and assisting me with an action plan that really suited me and life.  I truly look forward to working with Michelle in the future.  You are a true gift to whomever you work with and I am so blessed to have you on my team and in my corner. I love you!"

"Michelle has helped me to set easily obtainable goals which has had such a profound impact to remove limiting thoughts to go forward. Thank you Michelle!"-- Robyn

"Michelle is a very centered and calming coach.  I am so greatful I engaged her as my coach as she supported me in making a plan that truly met my needs for moving forward in my life!"
-- Annette

"What an amazing soul! Michelle helped me realize that my siblings needed the love that I am working through myself. BREAKTHROUGH! Blessed to have Michelle as an instructor"-- M

"Wow! Michelle was exactly what I needed when I needed it.  Thank you for your gentle approach and commitment to support all of us. You are amazing!"

I truly believe that Michelle Seguin did an amazing job, her material and instruction was on point and brought out emotions in me that 
i have been pushing down.  Michelle you are an unbelievable person and I am truly honoured to have met you and to have you in my life.  Thank you Creator for bringing such an incredible blessing into this world.