Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil


Therapeutic Uses:


Digestive Problems, Loss of Appetite, Detoxifying, Cellulite, Bronchial Conditions, Influenza, Sore Throat, Laryngitis, Vericose Veins, Hemorroids, Acne, Skin Infections, Herpes, Abscesses, Physical Exhaustion, Fatigue, Debilitation, Anxious Depression, Nervous Tension, Inability to Concentrate or Focus

  • Therapeutic Properties

    Anti-infectious, Antimicrobial, Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Antiviral, Astringent, Calmative, Carminative, Cicatrizing, Circulatory, Depurative, Digestive, Diuretic, Hemostatic, Stimulant, Tonic, Vermifuge