What do you focus on in life?

What does this mean you may wonder? Well, have you ever really paid attention to how your life is going or what thoughts you are thinking at any given time frame?

If a person thinks negatively in life, then you manifest negativity into your life and you never see the positives that are going on around you. If you think positively, then you manifest positive things in your life and your life becomes so much more peaceful and happy.

For all of us, life happens. For example, currently with COVID and the economy where it is at, it is very hard for a lot of people to see good around them when most people are losing their jobs, being forced into reduced work weeks and all of the bills are still coming in that they have to pay. There are a lot of people out there who are struggling to make ends meet.

This is a time when thinking positively is extremely critical for you mentally, physically and spiritually. If you can take time each day and just focus on what you are grateful for. Take the time to sit and think about all the positives you have in your life. Some examples could include your family, the fact that you are alive, the fact that you have good health or whatever positives you can think of. Doing this will make you stronger mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by taking this time daily. Once you boost your inner strength, it will make it easier for you to handle the life events that transpire which are all part of the grand plan when we came to walk our journey through life.

For myself, I found myself on the exact path that most people walk. I had severe grief from my son passing away. I was unable to see anything positive in my life or be grateful for anything good happening except the birth of my grand daughter. My job had become extremely stressful and when I went home, all I could see was the pain both my husband and son were dealing with that I could not help them with.

I sank into a place where it was so easy to continually have the biggest pity parties. I found myself focusing on every bad thing that had ever happened in my life. I felt like no matter what I did, only negative came into my life. I remained on that crash course with a negative destiny until I found the inner strength to say, enough is enough. How dare I continue down this path? Devin would not want that, Paetyn did not need that from her grandma and it really was damaging me the most in that my health continued to deteriorate. I was self fulfilling my prophesy that I had no will to see positive and therefore everything continued to get worse.

In early 2020, I had an epiphany. Enough was enough. I needed to change the crash course I was on with my thinking and find the inner strength to find my way back and be grateful for what I did have. I had another son who needed his mom and I had a beautiful grand daughter that deserved to know her real grand mother not the broken person I had allowed myself to become.

I chose that it was time to start getting myself back on track. I started focusing on the things in my life I was grateful for. I started seeing the good in the little things and not focusing my time or energy on the negative life events.

Ove the last year, I have had many, many reasons to go back to that old way of thinking but I now know the damage it causes for myself. I choose positivity in all situations and really focusing on being happy with what I do have in life. Yes, like everyone else there are daily stresses and that is life. However, I choose to smile, love myself and focus on the good that has come out of every situation. In doing so, I am so much happier and at peace with life.

I know that I have a purpose in life and as long as I manifest with positive thoughts, I will not only accomplish everything I dream of, but I will even be able far exceed those initial dreams.

No matter what you have going on in your life, start by taking 5 minutes each day and journal about everything you are grateful for. Then take another 5 minutes each day and journal about all the good that happened in your life for the day. As time passes, try to increase it to 10 minutes for each.

Do this for a month and then email or message me and tell me how your life has changed? I would love to hear your story. (Email mseguin@peacefulconnections.ca)

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