Loving & Accepting Yourself Is Self Care

One of the main things we need to remember when talking about self care is accepting yourself and loving yourself.

None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes. We all have negative thoughts at times. We all beat ourselves up if we have done something we wished later we had done differently. We all are our worst critic.

The key in being truly healthy is the ability to accept those faults in ourselves, learn from them and choose to do better in the future. Choose to honor yourself with love, acceptance and forgiveness.

Now that does not mean not owning our actions. In fact, it means taking total ownership of our actions and choosing to learn from them. This will allow us to take one more step to being the exact person we are meant to be. Without taking ownership for our actions and choosing to point fingers at others or lash out at others, we are choosing to hurt ourselves and we are not accepting ourselves for who we are. Look in the mirror as all the answers we need will be found within ourselves. We can not blame others for the choices we make. We all choose our own path. We all make our own decisions.

Make a conscious effort to love yourself, accept yourself, honor yourself, forgive yourself and truly love yourself. Showing compassion and empathy to yourself and others will help build your strength and help you be a healthier, happier human being.

If we can do that, the peace we all search for in life will come to us and then and only then can true love of self be found.

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