Michelle Seguin is a CPA living in Lloydminster, Alberta. She has had life altering events including the loss of her son in 2013 that have guided her current path as a certified Heal Your Life Coach and Trainer. Michelle specializes in people dealing with grief, people dealing with childhood trauma and working with teens in teen empowerment.

     In 2013, Michelle experienced every parents’ worst nightmare when her oldest son passed away. She realized that there is nothing that can prepare a parent for that level of pain and agony. Through that experience, she has developed a clearer understanding of loss regardless of your situation. Michelle has chosen to embrace the calling to support people working through the grieving process through her loving understanding of the ups and downs of this difficult process.

     Michelle experienced childhood trauma as a child and knows how that affects you throughout your life. She understands the patterns that we create based on trauma at a young age and how they influence your life moving forward. Michelle is a positive advocate in showing individuals that you can get your life back and live the life of your dreams if you so choose.

     In struggling with teenage issues herself growing up and while raising two boys, Michelle has witnessed so many kids dealing with similar struggles. She focuses her life now on letting teens know they are not alone. She helps them empower themselves and become strong, confident individuals they are meant to be

     Michelle also offers group or one on one coaching for adults. She brings a lot to her clients in that she will be able to help in all aspects of their lives. She has a very good understanding of how life events can not only affect your day to day life but most importantly how they can affect your health as well. She can help assist you in money matters as well being she has been working in finance previously.

     Michelle can also come in and work with a small or large group in different workshops. She offers many different topics and those workshops can reviewed under the Heal Your Life workshop page. The topics listed there can also be covered in the one on one coaching.

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